Supporting All GPs

Supporting new and existing physicians to stay in the community and optimizing the amount of time they practice is vital to maintaining continuous, quality care to patients.

The following resources can support the retention of all physicians in the community

Continuing Professional Development and Medical Education

  • Practice Support Program (PSP)
    • New and existing physicians can benefit from PSP’s clinical and practice management tools and strategies. Services include in-practice coaching, physician-led learning modules, EMR optimization, and small group learning sessions.
    • Explore other ways PSP can support new physicians.
    • Each health region has a regional support team led by a designated PSP coordinator.
  • UBC Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
    • Physicians can benefit from UBC CPD’s team of medical education professionals dedicated to helping physicians across BC improve their knowledge, professional performance and technical skills.
    • Offering regular courses, programs, resources in a range of rural and urban settings, UBC CPD is an official academic unit of UBC that is aligned with provincial, national, and international best practices.
  • Practice Survival Skills Conference
    • A one-day event offered each summer by UBC’s Faculty of Medicine Continuing Professional Development to physicians new to BC and new to practice.
    • Emphasizes practical, non-clinical knowledge and resources. Sessions and workshops range from billing and incorporation to opening an office, medico-legal report writing, and social media management. Includes peer networking opportunities and a job fair.
  • Society of General Practitioners of BC (SGP) CME
    • SGP offers a range of services for new physicians including billing education workshops, tips for new recruits, one-page fee summaries (cheat sheets), and a simplified guide to fees.
  • General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) Billing Guide
    • Provides detailed information, including codes, on general practice fees and fees for new GPSC programs. For billing enquiries.
  • Provincial Health Service’s Authority Sanyas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training
    • The ICS training is a unique, facilitated on-line training program designed to increase knowledge, enhance self-awareness, and strengthen the skills of those who work both directly and indirectly with Aboriginal people.
    • The on-line Core Health program meets the accreditation criteria of The College of Family Physicians of Canada and has been accredited for up to 8 Mainpro-C type credits.
  • UBC Learning Circle
    • A webinar and videoconference program featuring workshops on Indigenous physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health and wellness.
    • The Learning Circle’s continuing professional development and community workshops increase health capacity in all its forms and enhance telehealth literacy in First Nations communities across BC. It prioritizes Indigenous knowledge sharing among health professionals, community members, elders, students and youth.
  • Local Billing Workshops
    • Local billing workshops for physicians and their MOAs, created and delivered by family physician billing experts, can be arranged by contacting GPSC and/or SGP

Tip: Remember to engage billing peer mentors within your own division and community to support new physicians with billing.