Negotiation and Final Agreement

After a successful community visit and mutual confirmation of a strong match between the candidate (and family), the recruiting clinic, and the community, final steps in formalizing the recruitment process include negotiating and completing an agreement.

The agreement, a binding contract, is designed to document major and minor items that are agreed upon during discussions between a candidate and recruiting clinic/facility or division, in order to protect both parties. These terms and conditions include (but are not limited to) remuneration, overhead and office expenses, staffing, term of the contract, services provided, and hours of work.

In the best interests of all involved, it is strongly encouraged that an agreement be thoroughly reviewed and finalized by legal counsel of both parties prior to signing.

Two key templates to support the negotiation and completion of the written agreement are:

  • Physician services agreement template> An agreement template designed for the recruitment of GPs into an existing clinic. May also be used for short- and long-term locums. Developed through a division's regional recruitment and retention committee, with input from practicing physicians, family medicine residents, and in consultation with legal counsel.
  • Locum contract template> A contract template example for locums designed by the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice