After the candidate’s meeting and/or tour has been completed, it’s important that you follow up with a debriefing session. It is then that the important decision is made about whether or not all parties feel the candidate is a good fit. It’s also when you determine if additional screening activities are necessary and whether or not to make an offer.

Here are some key tips to keep in mind as you carry out the debriefing.

Hold a debriefing session

  • Invite the candidate and others involved in the tour.
  • Review key activities.
  • Identify highlights and implications of the “fit”.

Determine the candidate’s “fit” (see “Eligibility/Best Fit Criteria”)

  • Make sure the discussion is focused on whether or not the fit is good.
  • The candidate feels:
    • health care system is comprehensive.
    • work opportunities are appropriate and promising.
    • community provides the right environment, activities, attractions etc. for the family.
    • practice and medical community provides the right working environment.
    • there are appropriate work opportunities for spouse.
  • The stakeholders feel the candidate:
    • has interests and abilities appropriate to the opportunities.
    • would fill a need.
    • would bring potential for meeting/growing future opportunities.
  • If there are gaps in the perception of the fit follow up as appropriate, coordinate additional screening if necessary.
  • Conduct reference checks.

Follow up

  • If there is a strong fit:
    • Send a follow-up message to candidate.
    • State interest in candidate.
    • Summarize available opportunities (locum and/or permanent).
    • Negotiate and finalize the offer (see “negotiate and complete final agreement”).
  • Facilitate new physician orientation to new practice and community as required.
  • Identify mentors.