Recruitment and Retention Committee

The following tips can help you form a recruitment and retention committee:

To strike a cCommittee

  • Prepare a committee Terms of Reference (see template in following section).
  • Make sure the committee is accountable to a Board.

To ensure the committee is relevant

  • Make sure the committee’s purpose is clear and concisely communicated to all parties.
  • Clearly define the role of the committee in your community.
  • Plan to develop strong community partnerships.

To compose a Committee

  • Ensure diverse representation that reflects the community it serves.
  • Consider:
    • Practice types (e.g., Full service family physicians, hospitalists, GPs with subspecialties, ER physicians, walk-in-clinic GPs, maternity physicians.
    • Practice size.
    • Retired physicians.
    • Family medicine residents.
    • Community partners (e.g., municipality, health authority, business, foundations, First Nations).

To ensure the Committee has adequate human resource (HR) support

  • Assign or hire or a program leader (e.g., Coordinator, Executive Director, Consultant).
  • Clearly define the leader’s relationship and accountability to the Committee.
  • Dedicate an appropriate amount of HR support time and funding to implement the Committee’s work.