Candidate Visits

Once you have confirmed a candidate’s eligibility to work in the province, it is strongly recommended that you prepare for and host a visit to the community. This is a very important step in securing a physician to practice in your community, to ensure that the visit involves the right people, occurs at the right time, includes the appropriate activities, and is conducted courteously and comprehensively. Some communities refer to the community tour process as the red carpet program.

Here are some key tips to keep in mind as you plan and carry out the visit:

Planning a visit/tour

  • Ensure that you involve the right people:
    • Candidate, candidate's spouse and children.
    • Recruiting practices and staff.
    • Key division members and staff..
    • Community partners.
  • Invite the candidate to help develop the tour, and consider the interests of the candidate’s spouse and children in the planning:
    • Date(s) and time(s).
    • Itinerary - visits to practice(s), hospital(s), other medical facilities, division office restaurants, cafes.
    • Attractions – visits to neighbourhoods, schools, parks, sports venues, shopping.
    • Support the candidate in arranging accommodation and transportation, if required.

During the tour

  • Offer to pick up candidate at airport.
  • Focus the tour on main areas of interest and importance to the candidate and family.
  • Allow for sufficient time to travel from location to location – do not rush or include too may activities.
  • Arrange for a meal with the candidate, division members, and others, as appropriate.

Take away material

  • Provide candidate with a "take-home" community package containing items including:
    • Information brochures.
    • Business cards.
    • Community resource listing and maps.
    • Community events schedule(s).
    • Practice Profile.