Clinical Experience

Canadian clinical experience is extremely important for international medical graduates or Canadians studying abroad. It is preferred for those applying to match with a residency program through CaRMS.

Some international medical schools provide their medical students with the opportunity to do clinical rotations in Canada. If you are applying to or attending an international medical school, check to see if the school you are interested in provides this option.


Clinical experience can be obtained by doing electives during medical school (see the importance of electives) or through a clinical traineeship after medical school.

Students attending medical school in Australia, Ireland, UK, and the US can apply for electives in BC through UBC’s visiting student elective program.

Priority for UBC electives is given to UBC medical students first, and next to students in other Canadian medical schools, followed by students attending international medical schools


A clinical traineeship is one way to gain essential Canadian clinical experience for IMGs interested in applying for a residency program in BC.

  • IMGs must have a medical degree from a recognized, eligible school.
  • IMGs must complete the MCCEE exam to be eligible for a clinical traineeship.
  • Clinical trainees are not paid.
  • Clinical trainees are licensed to work under the supervision of a qualified supervisor.
    • Trainees function at a level of a fourth year medical student.
  • Trainees must find a qualified supervisor on their own.
    • Local Divisions of Family Practice can help to identify potential supervisors.

For more details about the clinical traineeship, including the application process and registration fees, click here.

As of 2019, all candidates, including IMGs, can apply directly to the MCCQE Part I without first having to take the MCCEE. Candidates whose application has been accepted are able to schedule their exam appointment online here