Licensing Pre-Assessment

The opportunity to practice medicine in BC is very appealing for many physicians, including international medical graduates (IMGs) - physicians who have received their medical degree from another country - and physicians with licensure from another province. When you are considering the recruitment of IMG physician candidates and candidates licensed in other provinces, an important early step is to determine whether these candidates are eligible for licensure to practice medicine in BC.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC) is the provincial licensing body for family physicians/general practitioners and specialists/consultants. The CPSBC licensing eligibility check, along with the support of Health Match BC recruitment consultants, can help you determine a candidate’s eligibility to practice in the province, the type of licensure the candidate is eligible for, and what steps may be required in order for them to become eligible.

For each candidate, the results of the CPSBC licensing eligibility check and communication with Health Match BC can save you a considerable amount of time and help you decide whether to proceed with subsequent stages of the recruitment process.