Recruitment Plan

The following tips can help you develop your recruitment plan.

Review previous preparation work/efforts

(e.g. survey results, environmental scans, previous recruitment experiences, tactics)

  • Analyze data, results, and learnings; use them to inform your plan.
  • Ensure your plan aligns with the mission, vision, and values of the division and recruitment committee.
  • Ensure your plan aligns with recruitment committee and stakeholder purpose, intended outcomes, and aims.
  • Leverage the strengths of division(s), community partners and other stakeholders.

Confirm roles and responsibilities

  • Define each stakeholder’s area of responsibility including promotion of the community and practice opportunities, financial management, human resources management, and branding.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders accurately recognize and support each other’s role.

Plan for marketing and communications

  • Develop a marketing and communications plan to ensure your efforts will have the impact you want:
    • Include evaluation of materials.
  • Identify appropriate delivery channels:
    • Electronic (web, email, social media, etc.).
    • Traditional (TV, radio, print, video, etc.).
  • Determine cross-over opportunities:
    • Email to web.
    • Web to social media.
    • Poster to banner.
  • Prepare materials:
  • Develop content for various media (e.g. print, electronic).

Plan for evaluation

  • Determine when to evaluate:
    • Develop an evaluation framework, before implementation, to measure goals/outcomes.
    • Evaluate during implementation to identify areas requiring improvement
    • Evaluate after implementation to measure impact/achievements.
  • Select appropriate evaluation instruments:
    • Surveys.
    • Interviews.
    • Storytelling.
    • Most-significant change.
    • Other.
  • Determine delivery method(s) for evaluation instruments:  electronic, traditional.
  • Continually scan the environment to identify factors impacting recruitment & retention (e.g., trends, barriers).

Develop implementation activities

  • Set specific and measurable objectives.
  • Identify specific action plans/activities for each objective.
  • Specify who will conduct each activity.
  • Identify resources required for each activity e.g. financial and human resources.
  • Confirm what measures will be used for each activity.
  • Set realistic time lines including when to:
    • Meet with your committee.
    • Attend and host recruitment events.
    • Distribute communications materials.
    • Report to stakeholders.
    • Establish a budget to support your plan.
    • Allow for adjustments (course corrections) to your plan abased on learning, feedback, and evaluation.