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To help make your journey to practicing in BC easier, check out the resources and tips in the navigation menu (in blue). You will also discover featured resources and tips throughout the site, as well as a few questions to think about, below.


  • Working in British Columbia as a general practitioner can be a very rewarding experience?
  • Local Divisions of Family Practice can provide you with community support including information about housing, transportation, childcare, schools, and job opportunities?
  • BC job opportunities for GPs can include teaching medical students and residents, being part of a maternity care group, working in special clinics (mental health, youth, seniors), and residential care?
  • There is plenty of work available for family medicine residents after graduation ranging from family practice locum in urban, suburban and rural settings, to sessional and consultant work?
  • GPs practicing in BC may be eligible to receive incentive payments for coordinated, longitudinal patient care in areas such as chronic disease management, maternity care, and mental health?
  • The number of Canadian medical school applications received each year far outweighs the number of spots available?
  • Electives will enable international medical graduates to gain clinical experience and get a reference letter to submit with the application to CaRMS?
  • A clinical traineeship is one way to gain essential Canadian clinical experience for international medical graduates interested in applying for a residency program in BC?
  • Your journey to practice in BC can include costs to obtain and submit your credentials, write exams, register for licensing, as well as costs to relocate from another country or province?