Exam Deadlines

Paying attention to exam deadlines will make your journey to practice in BC easier.

As of 2019, all candidates, including IMGs, can apply directly to the MCCQE Part I without first having to take the MCCEE. Candidates whose application has been accepted are able to schedule their exam appointment online here

Whether you are an international medical graduate or Canadian studying abroad who needs to write the MCCEE (Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Exam) or a Canadian medical graduate who needs to write the MCCQE Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exam:
  • Each exam has a different deadline.
  • Exams must written in sequence before you can move on the next step in the journey (example – for IMGs, the MCCEE must be written before the NAC-OSCE).
  • If you miss an exam deadline, you will have to wait for up to 12 months to write the exam during the next session; this will delay your entire journey.
    • For example, the NAC (National Assessment Collaboration) exam is only offered two times per year (and can only be written once per year).