Practice Profile

In addition to creating a community profile, creating and maintaining an up-to-date practice profile that describes key elements of a practice/practice model can help to identify GPs who would be a best fit for the practice.

Questions to think about when creating a practice profile include:

  • What is unique about the practice (e.g. patient population, subspecialty)?
  • What are current and future patient needs?
  • What are the most appealing aspects of the practice (e.g. patient medical home/primary care home model, team-based care)
  • Why would a physician want to join or assume the practice?
  • What are future developments to the practice and/or medical community to meet patient needs (e.g. different or additional GP skills)?

A variety of tools and resources can be used to gather information about community practices (e.g., practice style, capacity, and services, projected retirements, leaves of absence) to help to create a practice profile. These include:

  • Physician surveys
  • Practice profile assessment (Practice Support Program)
  • Key informant interviews
  • Practice focus groups

This practice profile template, with basic information, can be used to customize practice profiles for your community.