Immigration Information

Application to work in Canada

An international medical graduate who is not already a permanent resident or citizen of Canada will need to apply for a permit to work in Canada through Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

  • International medical graduates may be able to apply for a temporary residence permit which allows working in Canada, then submit an application for permanent residency after a period of time.
  • All the information about applying is available here
  • Health Match BC is very helpful with questions about how to obtain the necassary forms and Labour Market Impact Assessment for working in Canada.
  • If you currently hold a non-permanent visa/permit for Canada, please ensure that it permits the employment you are seeking in BC – you may need to apply for a new visa/permit if your current document limits you to practice in another province.
  • If you are seeking permanent residency or Canadian citizenship, be sure to confirm the length of time the process will take.