Licensing and Privileging

In order to practice medicine in BC, all physicians are required to apply for, obtain, and maintain registration and appropriate licensure through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC) – the provincial licensing body for family physicians/general practitioners and specialists/consultants. There are different classes of registration - provisional and full - based on requirements established by the CPSBC.

Once a physician obtains a license to practice medicine in BC and intends to practice in a hospital and/or other health authority facility or program (e.g., residential care), he/she must formally apply for a medical staff appointment to the specific facility by submitting his/her credentials (credentialing).

Privileging is granted to a physician who intends on providing specific, defined types of medical care within specific facilities and programs of a health authority.

This section includes information about licensing, credentialing, and privileging for international medical graduates and Canadian medical graduates.