Screening Candidates

When you are assessing whether a candidate is a suitable fit for your community, there are a number of criteria to consider.  The decision requires more than a simple assessment of whether the candidate is eligible to work in the province. Rather, a sound decision should be based on whether there is a strong match (“best fit”) between what your community (medical, general), division, and practice have to offer and what the candidate is seeking (professionally and personally).

Will the candidate be happy living and practicing in the community for several years?  Will the candidate’s family be happy living in the community for several years?

Use the eligibility best fit criteria and questions below to help assess a candidate’s eligibility:


  • Is the location and climate attractive to the candidate?
  • Is your location urban or rural and/or remote?
  • Is suitable housing available in the community?
  • Is there adequate access to:
    • schools and training (elementary, secondary, post-secondary?
    • recreational activities
    • employment opportunities for spouse/significant other (children other family members)
  • Are cultural and religious facilities readily available?
  • Is there adequate access to organizations/facilities to meet special needs of physician, significant other, children, family members (e.g.: specialized medical services)
  • Do family and friends live in the area?
  • Is work-life balance encouraged, supported, demonstrated?


    Is the candidate eligible for licensure to practice in BC?
  • Is the candidate an International Medical Graduate (IMG) or one that is not a Canadian citizen/permanent resident?
  • What are the specific eligibility requirements for each candidate? (e.g. for provisional or full licensure?) 
  • Is your community eligible to hire IMGs who must fulfill a mandatory Return of Service?
  • What is the process for licensure?
  • Is Health Authority sponsorship required? If so, what are the terms and conditions?
  • Does the candidate require supervision (e.g. IMG)? If so what are the expectations of supervisors? Can you identify eligible and willing supervisors?
  • Does the candidate require hospital privileges to work in your community?


  • Are you seeking a new graduate or experienced physician (new to the practice and/or community)?
  • Are you prepared and committed to offer mentorship to a new graduate?
  • Are you committed to providing support to an experienced physician?
  • Do you provide the opportunity for/require the candidate to work as a locum prior to committing to a permanent practice opportunity?


  • What strengths, skills, training, abilities are you seeking?
  • What skills strengths, skills, training, abilities does the candidate have or need to acquire?
  • Are you looking for teaching and/or management skills?

Community Involvement

  • What level of division and/or medical community involvement, if any, is expected? (e.g., division membership, committee participation)


  • Is the candidate eligible to receive any incentives (e.g. relocation allowance)? If so, what are the available incentives (local, regional, provincial)?


  • Where is the practice located?  What is the set-up (accessible, modern, comfortable, clean)?
  • What type of practice opportunities do you offer (e.g., full service, team-based care, patient medical home/primary care home, solo practice, episodic care, subspecialty, etc)?
  • Does the candidate have practice restrictions that would limit his/her ability to meet patient needs?
  • Are there teaching requirements?

Practice Obligations

  • Is the practice start date fixed or flexible?
  • Are full time and part time opportunities available?
  • Are office hours flexible or fixed?
  • What is your level of access to specialist services?


  • What remuneration/funding model is offered? (e.g. fee for service, alternate payment plan, salary)
  • What is the expected average income? Is it sufficient to meet the candidate needs?

Patient Demographics

  • Are there specialty interest or special needs populations?

Practice coverage

  • Is practice coverage available for physicians to take leave for vacation, CME, etc?
  • Can you provide a variety of practice opportunities/experiences for a locum?