Canadian Medical Graduates or Students

Canadian medical graduates (CMGs), graduates from a Canadian medical school, as well as Canadian medical students, have a unique journey to practice as a family physician in BC. Each unique journey will vary based on whether you graduated from or are attending a medical school in BC or another province in Canada.

Important Notes:

  • As a CMG you may be required to take an English language proficiency exam if your medical degree was obtained from a medical school where the instruction was not English (e.g. French), and if the primary language of patient care was not English.
  • You are required to have your CCFP (Certification in the College of Family Physicians) designation in order to obtain a full license to practice in BC.
    • CCFP can be obtained by either passing the CCFP exam or, for eligible candidates, applying for certification without examination.
    • A CMG can apply for CCFP as a resident or as a practicing physician.
    • A CMG who passes the CCFP exam is eligible for a full license with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.
    • If you do not the pass the CCFP exam you are eligible for a provisional license with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (followed by a full license after all requirements are met).
    • Electives are very important. See tips about the importance of electives, found here.