Applying for Canadian Medical Residency

As of 2019, all candidates, including IMGs, can apply directly to the MCCQE Part I without first having to take the MCCEE. Candidates whose application has been accepted are able to schedule their exam appointment online here

The following tips for international medical graduates/Canadians studying abroad are offered by Dr. KT - a GP currently working as a locum in BC. Dr KT was born and raised in BC, attended medical school in Ireland, and completed residency in Toronto before returning to BC after two years of locum work in Ontario.

Optimizing chances for Canadian residency:

    • Write the American Board exam (USLME) in order to prepare for Canadian exams and to have a backup in case you can’t get back into Canada for residency (this is often forgotten by Canadians).
      • MCCEE is one of the Canadian exams which only IMGs have to write; It is very similar to US step 2 exam.
    • Score well on the MCCEE.
      • In BC, the MCCEE score forms part of the criteria for being considered for residency.
      • This is key to getting matched with CaRMS.
      • Medical licensure exams (MCCEE) cannot be repeated for a higher score, once completed successfully.
      • Every subsequent step of the journey can be impacted if exam marks are not high enough