How to find work after Medical Residency

There is plenty of work available for residents after graduation, ranging from family practice locum in an urban, suburban or rural setting, to sessional and consultant work (Health Authority, Worksafe BC, UBC) and private clinic jobs. Finding a job depends of the kind of job you want. Only you can know what is the right job for you.

Some tips* for your search:

  • Choose lots of practice types you think you would like and test them out for a short term.
  • Evaluate what you like and don’t like about each practice and explore other options.
  • Questions to ask yourself when thinking about work.
    • What does my day look like?
    • Is my schedule predictable? Do I have control over it?
    • Do I have to be on call? Do I get paid for this? Do I want to have to be available all the time?
    • Do I have to work nights? Do I get paid for this? Do I like being up at night?
    • Do I get to adjust my own schedule whenever I want? Is this important?
    • Do I want to take large amounts of time off? Is this possible?
    • Do I want to earn a certain amount of income a month?
    • Am I okay with uncertainty of finding new work all the time?
    • Am I okay with travelling to unfamiliar places to work?
    • Am I okay with living out of a suitcase in unknown accommodations?
    • What are the best parts of the worst job and what are the worst parts of the best job - be honest, and look to see if there are ways to make the situation fit better for you.
    • What are my goals, what type of practice is “ideal” for me right now/in the future?”
  • You can choose from a HUGE LIST of options. Make sure it is an informed choice.
  • Re-evaluate often if the way you are currently working is how you want your life/career/practice to be.
  • Talk to others at your stage, those a few years ahead in practice, and residency program advisors.
  • Remember, your first job will likely not be your last.

* From Family Physicians Wanted! The How Where & When of Finding A Job. Dr. A Childs

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